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BuckAround: A Wisconsin Badgers Football Podcast

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Aug 16, 2017

With Max away Rich is joined by Show Lackey Steven to talk Badger camp plus previews Maryland with Lamar Johnson of Testudo Times


  • 1:00 Max is missing
  • 2:15 Welcome Lamar Johnson of Testudo Times
  • 2:45 With the Recruiting and the bowl was 2016 a success?
  • 3:45 What was the biggest step forward?
  • 4:30 What will...

Aug 4, 2017

Without a guest this week Rich and Max talk about the latest developments in camp plus answer some listener mail


  • 2:00 Paul Chryst's boring monolith
  • 3:45 The guys got to... at least talk about... camp
  • 5:15 Running Backs
  • 11:00 Leon Jacobs likes to work out
  • 16:00 Tom on the train on keys to...

Jul 29, 2017

Rich and Max are joined by Mike'l Severe to preview Nebraska and then discuss what they're watching for as the Badgers open fall camp.


  • 2:00 Welcome back Mike'l Severe of The Bottom Line on
  • 2:45 Was the 2016 team much better than the 2015 team?
  • 4:15 What to expect on offense?
  • 5:45 is this the best...

Jul 18, 2017

Rich and Max preview the Hoosiers with Sammy Jacobs of Hoosier Huddle and answer  listener mail


  • 2:00 It's been a long time since UW played Indiana
  • 3:15 Welcome Sammy Jacobs of Hoosier Huddle
  • 3:45 What happened with Kevin Wilson?
  • 7:15 What will be different on offense?
  • 9:45 How will personnel match...

Jul 12, 2017

Rich and Max are joined by listener and former offensive line coach Jon from Madison who gives his thoughts on the current state of the Badgers' offensive line. 


  • 1:00 Self proclaimed superheroes
  • 3:45 Welcome back Jon from Madison (formerly of Minneapolis)
  • 4:30 Jon's background
  • 5:30 Recapping the 2016 O...