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BuckAround: A Wisconsin Badgers Football Podcast

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Apr 25, 2017

John Veldhuis of Badger Blitz joins the podcast to give his thoughts on Wisconsin's 2017 spring practice. 

Apr 18, 2017

Rich and Max prepare for the final practice of the spring and discuss what they're excited to watch for before the long, quiet summer arrives.


  • 2:00 Tax talk... if only Max knew a good tax accountant
  • 9:30 Rich resolves to be positive this episode
  • 11:00 How Will Sam Brodner look?
  • 12:15 Rich wants to see...

Apr 5, 2017

Rich and Max discuss the latest developments of spring practice and reflect on the implications of the failed effort to lure transfer Malik Zaire. 


  • 3:00 Getting shooshed
  • 5:00 The opposite of Total Recall
  • 6:45 Ty from TN on the LB's
  • 16:00 Kyle still has no bumper sticker?!?
  • 19:45 Taylor from Lincoln, NE...

Mar 21, 2017

Rich and Max look at the first week of Spring Camp. Rich is worried that things are going too well and this will all end in disaster. 


  • 2:30 Rich tells us about basketball
  • 5:00 Tees and Sweatshirts
  • 8:00 Ryan from Chicago on the development of Titus Booker
  • 14:00 Praise be to Iowa
  • 17:15 A...

Mar 9, 2017

Rich and Max get together to hash out their spring practice wishlist and talk Badger recruiting. 


  • 1:15 A good time had by all at Fatpour
  • 7:30 Spring is springing
  • 9:30 Things we'd like to see out of spring practice
  • 11:00 Tyler from Stevens Point on a LT emerging from the pack
  • 13:30 Impact kick...