BuckAround: A Wisconsin Badgers Football Podcast

Rich and Max start their look at the 2017 Badgers with their offensive depth chart projections plus look back at the 2011 and 2012 recruiting classes.


  • 3:00 Sweatshirt hashtag results
  • 5:00 Offensive Depth Charts
  • 8:30 Running Back
  • 14:00 Fullback
  • 15:30 Tight End
  • 19:15 Wide Receiver
  • 29:00 QB, where Rich besmirched the good name of Danny Van Den Boom
  • 33:00 Offensive Line
  • 43:00 2012 Class review
  • 51:30 2011 Class review
  • 58:00 Buckaround meet ups! RICH IS DEFINITELY, 100%, FOR SURE GOING TO MADISON!!! (unconfirmed)
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Rich and Max discuss the announcement of Jim Leonhard as defensive coordinator, the surprise transfer of Dallas Jeanty, and finish the show with some great listener mail.



  • 2:15 Talking about the Super Bowl
  • 8:00 Hawking apparel
  • 11:30 Jim Leonhard as D.C.
  • 14:00 Were external candidates even considered?
  • 20:30 Will Tibesar leave?
  • 22:00 Transfer, does Dallas
  • 29:00 Zach in Tampa on Alvarez leaving the Playoff Committee
  • 32:30 Ben from Chicago on Chryst's strengths
  • 37:30 Matt from Mequon on what is most likely to derail the Chryst regime
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Evan Flood makes his annual pilgrimage to the BuckAround to talk about the Badgers' latest recruiting class.

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Rich and Max put a bow on the 2016 season with the latest edition of the Golden Buckys.


  • 1:30 Don't expect any fancy editing
  • 3:00 A tradition like thousands of others... The Golden Bucky's
  • 4:15 Most Outstanding Player: Watt
  • 6:30 Offensive MVP: M:Fumagalli R: Ramczyk
  • 8:30 Defensive MVP: M: Musso R: TJ Edwards
  • 11:45 Unsung Hero: M: Sheahy R: James
  • 13:45 Frosh of the Year M: Shaw R: D Edwards
  • 15:30 Future Star M: TJ Edwards R: Cephus and P Johnson
  • 19:00 Biggest Disappointment M: Wheelwright R: B Benzschawel
  • 20:30 Worst Game: B1G Title Game
  • 21:15 Play of the Year M: Missouri scoop and score R: Watt pick 6
  • 22:30 Game of the Year M: MSU R: LSU
  • 25:00 Coach of the Year M: Wilcox R: Gilmore
  • 29:00 Where does the 2016 season rank among post Alvarez years?
  • 34:00 Prop bet results!
  • 38:15 Defensive Coordinator
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Rich and Max look back at the 2016 season with Jason Galloway before wrapping the show on the biggest question there is: can Badger Football win a National Championship?


  • 2:00 Rich's poetry
  • 4:00 Would you like hoodies? Tees? A vague idea of when and how much
  • 6:15 Welcome back for the fourth(?) time, Jason Galloway of the WSJ
  • 6:45 What was the rationale on Houston and Hornibrook's usage?
  • 10:45 QB going forward
  • 12:30 The most underrated aspect on offense
  • 17:00 Clement's legacy
  • 21:30 How did Wilcox put his stamp on the 2016 defense?
  • 23:45 Who, besides Musso, outperformed expectations?
  • 26:30 Two DL sets
  • 28:30 #Noteworthy things from the Cotton Bowl
  • 30:00 Steve in Portland, OR on the Lose-Lose Cotton Bowl
  • 32:30 Jake in Sun Prairie on 2017 breakouts
  • 34:45 Danny in Milwaukee on Team MVP's
  • 36:45 Tom of the train on the LSU win and 2017 schedule
  • 43:00 Does Wisconsin have a shot to win a football National Championship?
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Rich and Max dissect the 24-16 win over Western Michigan and look at the B1G's performance in bowl games overall as well as discuss the Minnesota hire of PJ Fleck.


  • 1:30 Trailblazers blaze trails
  • 4:30 The voicemails
  • 8:15 Rich says he was wrong
  • 8:45 What this game did for Max
  • 10:45 What this game did for Rich
  • 18:30 Hornibrook and his two series
  • 20:15 Best win of the year?
  • 21:45 UR Player(s) of the Game
  • 25:15 Max watches the Badgers in the buff?
  • 31:00 Big games in the B1G (and beyond)
  • 37:45 Talking Minnesota becoming the Flecktones
  • 45:00 Talking Bielema and lingering resentment
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Rich and Max look ahead to the last game of the season with the Badgers' Cotton Bowl matchup with Western Michigan plus talk about the draft prospects of Ryan Ramczyk and the potential addition of Malik Zaire as a graduate transfer. 


  • 1:15 Broken glass, everywhere
  • 3:00 Nobody cares about the Cotton Bowl and l feel bad
  • 5:00 Rich dislikes records as much as awards
  • 6:45 Max is going to the Outback Bowl
  • 8:00 The no win Cotton Bowl
  • 12:15 Why should people watch?
  • 16:00 Max tells the tale of Western Michigan and PJ Fleck
  • 21:45 Max is getting upset! NIU tirade? Riff? Mention?
  • 23:45 Max disparages the MAC. Calls them weak!
  • 28:45 Ryan Ramczyk needs surgery... will he now return?
  • 32:30 Malik Zaire is the new Russell Wilson... or maybe Danny O'Brien
  • 36:00 Would he be an upgrade over Hornibrook?
  • 41:30 The Minnesota situation
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Rich and Max search for meaning in the Badgers' collapse against Penn State in the B1G Championship Game. 


  • 1:45 Salt free BuckAround
  • 2:30 Year round BuckAround
  • 3:45 The voicemails
  • 7:15 What happened to the defense?!?
  • 10:45 "Shooter McGavin" McSorley and the lack of pressure
  • 13:00 Depth on the defense
  • 15:15 Angry Dylan in VA on the offense and finishing
  • 18:30 Bart Houston played well
  • 20:00 Clement had a great game
  • 21:30 Peter in Madison on not challenging PSU deep
  • 24:15 Where does this rank on the pain scale?
  • 28:00 Rich on being a joyless Badger fan
  • 31:30 UR Player of the Game
  • 37:00 Big games in the B1G
  • 43:00 Rich is going home "Go to your HOME Rich! Are you too good for your HOME?!?"
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Rich and Max look at the Badger's 13th straight win over the Gophers and look ahead to the meeting with Penn State and what it might mean for a playoff berth.


  • 1:30 Thanksgiving's highlight side dish
  • 6:30 The Voicemails
  • 9:15 Is the score more comforting than watching the game?
  • 10:30 Did you panic in the first half?
  • 13:00 Does the camp Randall turf get slippery when cold?
  • 14:15 Why is Hacobs playing so much?
  • 17:00 Chuck in South Dakota on the Badgers run game versus Minnesota
  • 21:15 Balky in SLC on appreciating Clement
  • 25:15 UR Player of the Game
  • 31:15 Big Games in the B1G
  • 33:00 Chris from Minny on change at QB
  • 38:30 Looking ahead to the B1G Championship
  • 44:45 PLAYOFFS?!?
  • 52:00 Where do the Badgers play in the postseason?
  • 54:15 Wes from Little Chit on getting married in the day of the playoff
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Rich and Max attempt to take a novel approach to analysis after the Badgers 2nd overmatched opponent in a row. 


  • 2:00 Rich is fatigued
  • 7:00 Ross Ade Stadium... Max somehow ties this to Iowa
  • 8:45 Why did the Badgers start slow?
  • 15:45 Is Bradrick Shaw fast?
  • 17:45 Is Wheelwright just a guy?
  • 19:15 Is Figaro playing too much?
  • 23:30 What UW defensive plays rival Watt's pick six?
  • 26:30 UR Player of the Game (Connor Allen?!?)
  • 30:00 Game Notes Trivia
  • 32:00 Who is 2nd on the team in sacks?
  • 34:15 Does 2015 or 2016 defense have more sacks/game?
  • 35:15 Who's 3rd on team in tackles?
  • 38:30 Do top 3 receivers have more Rec/Game in 2015 or 2016?
  • 42:00 What is Hornibrook's QB rating? Houston's?
  • 44:00 What RB has the highest YPC?
  • 45:45 PJ Rosowski's touchback percentage?
  • 48:00 Big games in the B1G
  • 55:30 PLAYOFFS?!?
  • 58:00 Listen to Podcast Ain't Played Nobody Wednesday as Rich chose topic
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