BuckAround: A Wisconsin Badgers Football Podcast

Should Badger fans be happy after Wisconsin's 30-23 overtime loss to the Buckeyes? Rich and Max think they should. 


  • 1:45 Rich is an old man
  • 5:30 Voicemails
  • 11:00 Why did the Badgers lose?
  • 16:00 The margin for error
  • 17:45 D'Cota Dixon is the new Hillary
  • 19:00 The defense is ALMOST elite
  • 22:00 Hornibrook's performance
  • 27:00 The Offensive Line
  • 34:00 Jared from WauKe$ha has he'd enough with the moral victories
  • 35:00 Grant from Winona on the future being bright
  • 44:00 UR Player of the Game
  • 49:15 Big games in the B1G
  • 54:15 Are the Badgers better than Team X?
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Madison.com's Jason Galloway discusses what he's seen of the Badgers 5 games into the season and looks ahead to the Ohio State matchup.


  • 2:00 Max is celebrating his anniversary... By podcasting for us
  • 6:15 Welcome back Jason Galloway of the WSJ
  • 7:00 A QB position discussion
  • 10:30 Hornibrook's UM game performance
  • 12:45 Tom in SF on playing Houston again
  • 14:45 The OL
  • 20:00 Missing old Dare
  • 21:45 Is Clement healthy?
  • 24:00 Why not play the FR WR's against Michigan?
  • 26:00 George Rushing's performance
  • 27:15 The defenses performance versus expectations
  • 30:45 Alec James and Chikwe Obasih
  • 32:30 Jason's UR Player of the first half
  • 34:00 Let's talk punters
  • 37:00 Is the team okay with the QB switch?
  • 39:15 Watson in Wrigleyville on injuries under Chryst
  • 48:30 Grant from Winona on where a Badger win vs OSU would rank
  • 50:30 Max turns it into an Iowa mention
  • 51:15 OSU game predictions
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Rich is laid low by influenza so Max is joined by Arman Belding to break down the Michigan loss and Week 5 in the B1G.


  • 1:15 YouTube Master Arman Belding joins the show
  • 3:45 Immediate reactions
  • 16:30 WiscoInferno on play calling
  • 26:30 TJ in Phoenix on Hornibrook not being ready
  • 31:30 Jesse in LaCrosse on Clement not showing up
  • 45:30 UR Player of the Game
  • 51:00 Big picture in the B1G
  • 53:45 This is where you expect Iowa talk.
  • 1:00:00 Looking ahead to an Ohio State University
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The Badgers are 4-0. The Badgers are 4-0? THE BADGERS ARE 4-0!!! Rich and Max get together to discuss Wisconsin's strong start to the season and what it means for the future.


  • 2:00 Dads first
  • 3:45 The voicemails
  • 6:30 Surprisingly chippy
  • 10:45 What is Alex Hornibrook?
  • 14:15 Brinn from the Scoreboard on the QB switch
  • 18:00 Riverboat Chryst
  • 19:00 See www.Buckaround.com for Dan from DC on fourth downs
  • 25:00 Brett Connors and the DL
  • 29:45 The drive at the end of the first half
  • 32:30 Why were the starters in so long?
  • 34:30 Even Rich can't be negative about the defense
  • 36:30 Paper Tigers
  • 39:00 Jared from WauKe$ha on the defense in the next two games
  • 44:00 Leon Jacobs played a lot
  • 47:45 UR Player of the Game
  • 57:00 Big Games in the B1G
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The Badgers finished the non-conference schedule 3-0. Rich and Max look at where the team is as they enter a tough stretch of conference games. 


  • 2:00 What to make of the switch to Hornibrook
  • 15:30 Which RB's will play?
  • 18:00 A closer look at Hornibrook
  • 19:30 Jeremy from Green Bay on missing Jamerson
  • 24:30 Big games in the B1G... Sort of
  • 26:30 Max says North Dakota St could even beat Northern Illinois (and the rest of the MAC)
  • 41:15 Balky from Salt Lake City on Wheelwright comparisons
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The Badgers got to 3-0, but the 23-17 victory was certainly too close for comfort for most as Wisconsin squeaked by one of the weakest programs in the FBS. Rich and Max share what they learned in what was a far tenser contest than anyone imagined. 


  • 1:15 So fresh and so clean
  • 3:30 The voicemails
  • 8:00 Chryst's best coaching job?
  • 17:30 The Lance Smith highlight reel
  • 20:00 Dare
  • 25:45 Houston had a problem (This count Schaaf)
  • 30:15 TJ Edwards is good
  • 32:15 JS Jesse on a safety hypothetical
  • 34:15 Scott from Twitter on Dixon's tackling
  • 38:15 UR Player of the Game
  • 40:30 Takeaways (Max quietly acknowledges Iowa's loss)
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With the Badgers 2-0, Rich and Max return to analyze the 54-10 domination of the Akron Zips. They look at what more can be learned from the team 2 games into the season as well as give their thoughts on some of the younger players who saw time in the 2nd half.  


  • 2:00 Max makes Stevie Miller sound like Bill Brasky
  • 5:45 Fifty something to Ten
  • 8:45 Why Olive as fullback?
  • 11:15 Clement overworked?
  • 15:00 Bradrick Shaw reminiscent of Lance Smith
  • 19:15 Are the WR's better than we thought?
  • 20:00 Hefty from Brahm on Wheelwright as a poor man's Chris Chambers
  • 25:15 The Fr WR's
  • 29:30 The Houston voicemails
  • 37:45 What to make of James and Obasih?
  • 41:45 Is anyone on D playing better than Tindal?
  • 47:00 UR Player of the Game
  • 53:00 Big games in the B1G
  •  1:01:00 Rich tries to one up my 2017 CFB playoff prediction
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Rich and Max review the Badgers thrilling victory over LSU as well as the bigger games in conference and carve out some time to talk about Kirk Ferentz's new contract at Iowa


1:30 Rich is Joan Rivers
5:30 The Voicemails
9:15 Wisconsin's defense was VERY good
11:00 Who surprised on D?
16:45 The LB's (Speedy recovery to Orr)
19:00 The Offensive Line
25:15 Are the WR's just some guys?
29:15 Tyler on Houston vs Stave and Mental vs Physical errors
36:30 How big of a win was this?
39:45 Season expectations
45:30 UR Player of the Game
50:00 There were other B1G games

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Jesse Temple returns to the BuckAround to discuss the Badgers as they head into the season opener with LSU. 


2:00 Two guys in their pajamas eating buttered fish
4:30 Welcome back Jesse Temple of ESPN
4:45 Was the QB race as close as we think?
6:45 Can Houston match Stave's first year?
8:45 Will Hornibrook play vs LSU?
10:15 Comparing Bart and Alex
12:15 Corey's Sr year
14:00 Are the RB's as a whole improved?
15:30 The OL will be improved?
18:30 The WR depth
21:00 The LB's will be a strength
25:15 Breakout candidates
26:30 Special Teams
28:45 Will this Badger team make a bowl?
31:00 Jesse wrote a book! Rich read it! Max ate buttered fish!
33:30 What Jesse learned
36:45 Wisconsin is a boxing school
41:45 Confidence levels

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Rich and Max are joined by Ross Dellenger to preview the season opener with LSU. They close out the show discussing Dan Voltz's retirement, Bart Houston being named starting quarterback, and the release of the Badgers' depth chart.


1:15 It's Friday night... These party animals are podcasting
4:00 Welcome back Ross Dellenger of The Advocate
4:15 So... Leonard Fournette... Is he good? Is he healthy?
5:45 The other RB's
6:45 What kind of QB is Brandon Harris?
8:15 Does WR depth matter?
10:30 How will the OL holdup with the turnover?
12:15 What impact will injuries have on the DL?
15:00 Will the defense be more of a base 3-4?
17:15 Key-ing in on the LB's (sorry...)
18:45 What did Arkansas do vs LSU in 2015?
21:00 What UW weakness will LSU try to exploit?
22:30 How will this matchup play out?
26:30 Prop Bet CONTROVERSY!!!
32:30 Dan Voltz's retirement and OL attrition
37:15 Bart Houston... Starting QB
38:45 The punting (and other positions) depth chart

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